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Controversial ‘hero’ letter another factor in bid to sack Trinity Grammar council

A controversial school letter that branded a teacher accused of abuse as a “hero” is just one of several factors behind the push to sack the Trinity Grammar council, according to a leading voice on the ‘Old Boys’ committee.

The issue has come to an ugly head following the sacking of deputy principal Rohan Brown.

He left the school after he cut the hair of a student.

More than 1000 parents, students and alumni of the school voted to remove the current principal and council at a meeting on Tuesday.

A power struggle has emerged over the direction of the exclusive private school.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Tim Sharp – who is on the Old Trinity Grammarians committee – said the council had until the end of the week to stand aside before lawyers were called.

Neil Mitchell asked about a letter, co-signed by Mr Brown, that labelled Christopher Howell – a long-standing former teacher who took his own life days before his first court appearance on one count of indecently assaulting a student in the 1960s – a “hero” and “great educator” in 2016.

The letter caused deep divides within the Anglican school.

“That letter, as was explained to us, was drafted by council,” Mr Sharp said.

Neil Mitchell: “How in God’s name do you send out a letter what a great man he was when he facing allegations of student abuse!?”

Mr Sharp: “It’s a fair comment, Neil, and it certainly struck me at the time. I was bitterly disappointed in it.”

Neil Mitchell: “Is that part of what’s going on here?”

Mr Sharp: “I think what is going on is a general lack of trust and faith in the way the school council handles the school – whether that be internally or externally. What you are alluding to is certainly one of the issues.”

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