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Controversial instant alcoholic drinks could be regulated in the US

Instant alcoholic drinks could soon be regulated in the US. 

But, there’s fears some young people will attempt to ‘snort’ the powder for a quick drink fix. 

There’s no sign of the powder popping up in Australia just yet.

‘People would be using it for things like festivals,’ said 3AW’s Kate Stevenson. 

Peter Mitcham, aka Professor Pilsner, from Australians Brews News spoke with Justin and Kate.

‘Everything is possible,’ Peter told 3AW Breakfast.

‘My guess is, this is the same market for campers and hikers. The same ones who invented ‘spray-on cheese’, chicken in a can and  bumper dumper, which is a toilet that hangs off your towbar.

‘There have been some American trials, but when they actually got it to the freeze dried state, the FDA actually knocked it back because, believe it or not, children may try to snort it.’

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