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Controversial plans to cull kangaroos on golf course under fire

RUMOUR UPDATE: The RACV has apologised after a staff member hired a professional shooter to cull kangaroos at the Cape Schanck Resort without company permission. 

First reported on the Rumour File, Cape Schanck resident John Henshaw and his wife spotted a man armed with an ‘enormous rifle’ while they were taking an early morning walk on the golf course on Thursday morning. 

‘Out of the bushes came two blokes. One with an enormous rifle with telescopic sight, a bipod and a bloody great silencer,’ Mr Henshaw told 3AW Breakfast. 

The RACV has confirmed a permit was obtained to cull six kangaroos at the resort but said the staff member who obtained the permit did so without authorisation. 

Mr Henshaw told Ross and John the armed shooter was close to residential homes that surround the golf course. 

‘They could have shot humans,’ he said. ‘The boundary of houses are only 20 metres from where they were present.’ 

But the shooter the RACV staff member hired to cull the kangaroos has defended his actions. 

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Peter told Neil Mitchell he was a professional shooter, and had not fired a shot because the kangaroos had ‘taken off’ away from the golf course.

‘I was hired by the course to do a professional job and that’s what I do as a living,’ he said. 

‘I believe John is trying to cause a lot of trouble.’

When asked if he would have shot the kangaroos close to people’s homes, he said: ‘I’d try to keep well away. At least 100 or 200 metres away.’ 

RACV Head Office has apologised for the incident and said as soon as they had been informed of the permit ‘a directive to cease all activity was immediately issued’.

‘As far as we are aware, no kangaroos have been harmed,’ the statement read.  

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