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Controversial Rainbow Serpent Festival could be banned due to criminal concerns

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton says the party could soon be over for the controversial Rainbow Serpent festival due to criminal concerns.

He told Neil Mitchell it was time to consider banning the festival.

Chief Commissioner Ashton said police were ‘fed up’ with the problems associated with the art and music event, held at Lexton this year over the Australia Day weekend, and the strain it was putting on local members.

‘We had something like 35 drug drivers, four sexual assaults, thefts, theft from motor cars, criminal damage to vehicles? the list goes on and on,’ Mr Ashton said on 3AW Mornings.

‘They need safety permits for these events and that requires people to authorise that, including police.

‘We can involve ourselves if we think there is a public safety risk.

‘The numbers that are coming out of this, in terms of offences, are pushing up in that direction.

‘I think it’s a good idea to be having the conversation.’

Ambulance Victoria has since revealed 950 people needed treatment over the festival.

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