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Ultra Tune boss says his company has forgiven Mike Tyson for committing rape

Photo: Youtube – Ultratune


Executive Chairman of Ultra Tune, Sean Buckley has today told Neil Mitchell his company has forgiven Mike Tyson for committing rape.

“He did make a mistake, we felt he’s done his time and he’s made it up to the community,” Mr Buckley said.

“He’s one of the most recognised faces on the planet.”

Mr Buckley also refuted Neil’s questions about how the women in the ad are portrayed.

“They are playing bimbos,” Neil said.

“I don’t think so,” Mr Buckley replied.

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No stranger to complaints for consistently offensive ads, Australian company Ultra Tune is now under fire for featuring convicted rapist Mike Tyson in its latest campaign.

The ad, which has been running frequently during the Australian Open, includes Tyson and three scantily clad women.

Neil Mitchell said Tyson’s past should not be ignored.

“Mike Tyson did time for rape, I would never use him in any sort of advertising campaign,” Neil said.

Sharyn Sully has written to the company and lodged a complaint, labeling the ad sexist and in poor taste.

“Given Mike Tyson has a history of not respecting women I think it’s been aired in poor taste,” Sharyn said.

“He is portraying himself as a guardian and the protector in that commercial, those women are dressed…what’s the word, it’s just plain sexist.”

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Sharyn also took issue with Channel 7’s choice to let the ad air during the Australian Open, when families and children are watching.