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SLY OF THE UNDERWORLD | Convictions in doubt as bombshell looms over gangland investigations

A series of high profile criminal convictions could be thrown into doubt due to controversial tactics allegedly used by police investigating Melbourne’s gangland war.

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Authorities have tried to keep a lid on the proceedings for the past four years but suppression orders are expected to be lifted next week.

The situation, described by legal sources as potentially the most disastrous miscarriage of justice in the state’s history, centres on part of investigations during Melbourne’s gangland war.

“Virtually any lawyer who has details on this is outraged at the police behaviour.”
– Sly Of The Underworld

The Herald Sun and The Age are reporting it could see dozens of criminals claim their convictions were compromised.

Convictions could be overturned, prison terms could be slashed and compensation payouts awarded.

There could also be political ramifications, with the possibility of a royal commission into the scandal.

“It’s a really fascinating case because there’s a real divide between lawyers and the police on this case,” Sly of the Underworld told Ross and John.

“Virtually any lawyer who has details on this is outraged at the police behaviour.

“Yet on the police side, those involved are extremely relaxed about what they did.

“And it really comes down to how police, during the gangland war, gathered intelligence and inside information.”

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