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Cooked? Experts confident in travel industry amid agency closures

Rumour File update

Experts assure the collapse of one of the world’s oldest travel agencies will not impact the Australian market.

About 600,000 holidaymakers are stranded overseas after Thomas Cook in Britain announced it was going into compulsory liquidation.

It comes after the 3AW Rumour File yesterday revealed Melbourne-based tour company Tempo Holidays and Bentours has been placed into voluntary administration, leaving hundreds of customers without answers.

Tourism and Transport Forum CEO Margy Osmond told Kate and Quarters, filling for Ross and John,  holiday-makers can still have confidence going to travel agents.

“The Australian travel agency industry is very strong, it’s debt-free and it’s a very different model to other parts of the world,” she said.

“I would say for the average Australian, travels agents are still a preferred option, mainly because they so often know things you don’t.”

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(Photo: Erika Santelices/AFP/Getty Images)