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Cory Bernadi says complaining musicians are “a bunch of privileged prima donnas”

An Australia day playlist created by Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernadi has sparked controversy.

Mr Bernadi posted the playlist, the AC 100, on music streaming service Spotify late last week, and asked readers of his blog to vote for their favourite songs.

A slew of musicians who feature on the playlist, including Men at Work, Jimmy Barnes, Powderfinger, The Hilltop Hoods and Icehouse, have argued against the inclusion of their music on the list, saying that it is disrespectful to Aboriginal Australians.

Cory Bernadi spoke to 3AW’s Sunday Morning about the playlist.

He said the argument that he is not allowed to create a playlist and ask readers of his blog to vote for their top songs was “nonsensical”, and the artists opposing to the playlist were “privileged prima donnas.”

“I’m allowed to put whatever music I like on my playlist, just like every other Australian…I’m a subscriber to Spotify. All of these artists have sold their music, their moral rights and everything else to Spotify. I’m complying with Spotify’s terms of conditions and there’s nothing they can do about it. They can whinge and whine and complain all they want, it’s like a pylon of hate from a bunch of privileged prima donnas”, Mr Bernadi said.

“I did this because I think Australian music is good. I think Australia day is worth celebrating… and when Triple J, the ABC, and the Greens Party, and others, all come out and want to politicise our national day and turn it into a day of mourning or hatred… I’m going the other way… we should be celebrating what makes this country great.”

“If these people don’t want people like me to be creating playlists with their music on it, then remove it from Spotify”, he said.

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