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Coronavirus cancellations: When you can (and can’t) get a refund

Those intending to attend major events and concerts in coming weeks have been plunged into uncertainty as many companies move to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading by cancelling mass gatherings.

The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix has been cancelled, while Australia will play New Zealand in three one-day internationals next week before an empty SCG.

Live Nation, one of the world’s biggest promoters, has reportedly postponed all large scale events worldwide.

Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Delia Rickard, said while some event attendees will be able to get a refund on their tickets, others won’t.

“There’s nothing fair about anything that’s happening at the moment,” she told 3AW’s Dee Dee.

If the event is cancelled by the organiser, ticket holders should receive a refund.

But if the event is cancelled by the government, ticket holders will be left out of pocket.

“Through some quirk of the law, then you won’t automatically be entitled to a refund,” Ms Rickard said.

“If you decide that you’re just feeling worried about the virus and therefore don’t want to go, in those circumstances you won’t be entitled to a refund under consumer guarantee provisions, but it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions of the ticketing agreement to see if you do have any rights there.”

Event attendees who have booked flights and accommodation for a specific event which ends up being cancelled may be able to receive a refund.

“It would entirely depend upon the circumstances,” Ms Rickard said.

Those seeking a refund should contact the ticket seller and then contact Consumer Affairs Victoria if necessary.

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