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Coronavirus: Melbourne doctor’s warning after contracting COVID-19

A Melbourne doctor who is recovering from COVID-19 has warned it is “incredibly infectious”.

Dr David told Ross and John he caught the illness at a gathering with 12 friends, with one of those people testing positive a few days later.

Since then, all but one person at the gathering caught the virus.

His experience has prompted him to issue a warning to Victorians to heed isolation rules.

“That’s the scary thing. This thing is incredibly infectious,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

“So there’s a lot asymptomatic people out there that will have the COVID-19 virus that won’t realise it.

Dr David believes he is no longer infectious but isn’t risking it.

“The first week’s not the real problem, the second week is,” he said.

“You feel like you’re sitting on a time-bomb and you start jumping at shadows a bit.

“I developed a dry cough … and was quite concerned I was getting pneumonia.”

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3AW Breakfast knows David’s full name but haven’t published.