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Council candidate upset after 20 campaign posters are stolen or damaged

Council election campaigns are getting ugly.

A former mayor was apparently arrested for defacing posters in Whittlesea, and Neil Mitchell has received a string of emails saying it’s not an isolated incident.

One candidate for Knox Council has had his posters stolen and damaged.

Sean Doherty told Neil he’s been informed damaging campaign material is illegal.

Mr Doherty said that, as far as he’s aware, he’s the only candidate in his race that’s had posters damaged.

‘In each case, the cable ties have been cut, which is quite disconcerting to me because it tells me someone’s walking around with a knife or a pair of scissors,’ he said.

Mr Doherty, 23, is opposed to changing height limits in Ferntree Gully to allow three-storey buildings.

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