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Council say work was permitted on Hampton heritage houses

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Bayside residents are fighting the destruction of the Hampton heritage houses, claiming workers removed distinctive features on the properties ahead of the court case that was to decide the fate of the homes.

Manager of development services at Bayside Council, Matthew Cripps, told Dee Dee Dunleavy developers didn’t breach any laws yesterday and the work was permitted.

“They haven’t breached any planning or building controls that are currently in place,” he said.

“However, the heritage controls haven’t been implemented as of yet.

“When they do become part of our planning control, that would actually mean the works yesterday would have been unlawful had the heritage overplay been in place.”

Mr Cripps said once in place, any future developments on that site will have to be considered with regards to the distinctive features.

“But introducing planning controls post works will not compel the land owners to replace the elements already removed,” he said.

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