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Council slammed over ‘arrogant’ act that left children in tears

Kids have been left in tears after a much-loved treehouse was ripped down after 30 years on a St Kilda street.

And the residents of Irymple Avenue aren’t happy.

Mark Wiesmayr told Tom Elliott there were concerns after they’d been told somebody had complained about it.

The treehouse has proven to be a popular source of entertainment for three decades, particularly during the recent lockdown.

“We are baffled by the cavalier attitude,” Mr Wiesmayr said.

“It was so arrogantly unprofessional, the way they did it.”

Tom Elliott said it seemed ridiculous.

“Kids these days get criticised because they don’t play enough outdoors and are glued to iPads, but this treehouse has been there 30 years and these kids all love it, and the council comes and tears it down,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“No doubt there’ll be an “OH&S issue” or something.”

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