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Council Watch: City of Maribyrnong’s bin ‘blunder’ at Edgewater Estate


Council Watch

UPDATE: The City of Maribyrnong says it has replaced oversized bins at a park at Edgewater Estate.

3AW Drive listener Geordie alerted Tom Elliott to the fact the bins installed at Jensen Park didn’t actually fit inside their receptacles.

‘I know I’m probably turning into a whinging ratepayer,’ he said on 3AW Drive.

‘It’d be quite funny if we weren’t paying for it.’

Click PLAY below to hear Geordie explain more on 3AW Drive.

But the City of Maribrynong assured 3AW Drive ordered had been restored.

‘The bins surrounds in Jensen Reserve have now been fitted with the appropriate sized bins,’ the council said in a statement.

‘The original bins from the park were used in the surrounds before the new smaller bins could be installed.’