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Council Watch: Frankston Council charges residents 65% of street repair cost


Frankston Council is charging residents for 65% of the cost of footpath repairs in their street.

3AW listener Andy told Nick McCallum the Council blamed the State Government’s rate cap for not being able to fund the repairs outright.

‘I was pretty angry, I must admit,’ Andy said.

Andy and several residents from his street have told the council they are not going to pay the fee.

Nick agreed.

‘Fixing footpaths – surely that’s just basic, bread-and-butter work for the Frankston Council. It must have been doing that for at least a century,’ he said. 

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Frankston Mayor James Dooley has tried to distance himself from the letter.

He denied blaming the rate cap for the charge, saying rather the council had only offered the upgrade, if the residents were willing to accept it.

But Nick thinks the blame couldn’t be much clearer.

Nick: So you’re blaming the State Government?

Cr Dooley: No, no. 

Nick: You are! It’s right here in black and white.

Cr Dooley: I’ve seen the letter. I don’t really agree with the sentiment.

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