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Council Watch: School kids cross busy road without school crossing supervisor

A busy crossing in Clifton Hill is often left unmanned with primary school aged children often forced to cross it alone.

Leah Harcourt’s son Daish wrote a letter to Yarra City Councillor Stephen Jolly to urge the council to urge the council to have a crossing supervisor in the morning and afternoon for the Fenwick Street crossing during the school run and peak hour.

She told Tom Elliott she’d seen some near-misses.

“We have a school crossing on Fenwick Street in Clifton Hill over the past year it has frequently been unattended by a crossing attendant,” she said.

“The last two weeks in the morning four out of five times no one was there to help the kids cross”

Leah told Tom Elliott she had seen a couple of “hairy incidents” involving primary school students.

“Lots of kids are crossing and using it by themselves and it’s a really busy road,” she said.

In his letter, Daish says he feels “unsafe” using the crossing and it’s his job to make sure his 6-year-old brother Jonah gets to school safely.

Later in the program, the City of Yarra confirmed they’re investigating the issue as the crossing is meant to be manned twice a day, five days a week.

The council says they’re also considering putting in a zebra crossing to enhance safety in the area.

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