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Councillors to vote on permanent booze ban at St Kilda foreshore

Following the trashing of the St Kilda foreshore by drunken revellers on Christmas Day last year, Port Phillip Councillors are set on decide on whether alcohol is completely banned at the beachside spot.

St Kilda foreshore sustained more than $33,000 in damage, resulting in an alcohol ban on Boxing Day which lasted for the rest of summer.

Victoria Police are now calling for a permanent booze ban in summer along the St Kilda foreshore or they’ll charge council for their services.

Cr Dick Gross, Deputy Mayor of Port Phillip Council, told Tom Elliott councillors will vote on this issue tomorrow night.

“We already pay for event specific policing and that’s fair enough,” Cr Gross said.

“But you don’t expect local communities to pay for emergency policing.

“The problems are always confined to be the big days like Christmas, so we should confine the prohibition to those days, anything more than that is a bit unnecessary.”

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