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COVID-19 cases emerge in a ‘really alarming’ number of Victorian aged care homes 

Coronavirus cases have emerged at a “really alarming” number of Victorian aged care homes in the last fortnight.

There have been coronavirus cases detected at 39 nursing homes in the past two weeks, and last night, alone, cases were confirmed at seven aged care facilities.

A total of 45 residents and 79 staff at those aged care centres have tested positive to coronavirus.

Federal Minister for Aged Care, Richad Colbeck, says there will be more coronavirus deaths in aged care in coming days and weeks.

“With 45 residents, who are old, frail, probably have other co-morbidities, there’s some very, very sad news coming,” Mr Colbeck told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s going to be really tragic for families.”

One person with coronavirus has already died at Glendale Aged Care in Werribee, while another has died at Menarock Life aged care in Essendon.

“Unfortunately there will be more and I’m aware of a number who are palliating at the moment,” Mr Colbeck said.

While many nursing homes only have staff cases at this stage, that is still a concern.

“Eight have residents and staff, the others are staff only, but that also has an impact as well,” Mr Colbeck said.

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