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CPSU unveils ‘ambitious’ bid for public sector workers

The union representing public servants have begun negotiations with the Andrews government for a 20 per cent pay rise over four years and an extra week’s leave.

Neil Mitchell described it as an ‘ambitious’ bid by the union.

CPSU spokesperson Julian Kennelly said on 3AW Mornings they were in the early stages of negotiations on behalf of 30,000 workers across 300 occupations.

‘We’re wanting to have the government invest in their own people, and put aside what happened over the previous years where there were massive cuts and contracting and most of the services have been left withering,’ he said.

Mr Kenneally said he believed the average income for a public servant was $60,000 and denied it was an ‘ambit’ claim put forward by the union.

‘We don’t have enough child protection staff, we don’t have enough people helping kids with learning disabilities in school,’ he said.

‘We don’t have enough community corrections officers.’

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