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Man who fought off intruder with a bat says he was ‘in the zone’ after playing video games

A 21-year-old Cranbourne man says he was “in the zone” after playing video games when he fought off a home invader.

Brandon was playing video games when his dog started barking at his Chochrane Street home.

He went to investigate and found an intruder wearing a balaclava and holding his father’s car keys.

“I was already kind of in the zone because of my PlayStation game … I was already fired up!,” he told Neil Mitchell.

Brandon armed himself with a metal bat with spikes on it, which he found in his garage years ago.

“I pretty much just threw myself at him. We got into a good old fight, I was hitting him with a metal bat that I’ve got with spikes on it,” he said.

“He dropped the keys. We had another scuffle.

“I pinned him up against the wall, obviously it wasn’t hard enough.

“He ran out.

“I hope I at least gave him a little lesson.”

Brandon was not injured in the incident.

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