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Craving a cheese toastie? Ross and John found a quick and easy place to get them

Winter and cheese toasties go hand in hand. 

Luckily a place has opened in Preston, which caters for that craving.  

Cheese and Bread opened in Preston this week. It’s a gourmet toastie drive-thru cafe.

Frank Rusitovski, co-owner of Cheese and Bread, chatted with Ross and John on Wednesday. 

He says there is nothing better than cheese and bread.

‘What we have basically done is create a number of toasties that are different and we have tried to put as much in there as possible,’ Mr Rusitovski said.  

He said each month he wanted to create a new toastie based on feedback.

And invited Ross and John to make their own. 

So what did Ross and John come up with?

Bacon, cheese, truffle oil and cayenne pepper. 


Click PLAY below to hear Ross and John speak with Frank Rusitovski.

Cheese and Bread is located at 518 High Street, Preston