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Creepy balloons promoting movie a potential platypus hazard

Red balloons have been popping up in drains across Melbourne and Sydney, promoting the upcoming horror movie It.

This photo was taken in Yarraville this morning.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, the red balloon is the calling card of the murderous clown, Pennywise.

But Doctor Rupert Baker from Healesville Sanctuary told Ross and John said the balloons should be banned from being released outside.

“Kids love balloons but let’s do it in a way that’s not vertical littering,” Dr Baker said.

“We’ve had wild platypus come in entangled in all kinds of plastic and that’s from things that people have accidentally left behind let alone guerrilla marketing.”

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On a recent trip to Healesville Sanctuary, Ross and Kate patted a platypus.

Kate and the little fella clicked immediately but Ross required a little extra convincing.