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Cricket Australia hits back at critics of the pregnancy clause in its contracts

Cricket Australia has hit back at critics of the pregnancy clause in its playing contracts.

The controversial clause requires female players to declare they are not pregnant before signing a deal.

It has come under fire as many have perceived it as CA preventing expecting mothers from signing up.

But CEO James Sutherland told Sports Today it has been misunderstood and misreported.

Sutherland said the intention of the clause is to protect the health and safety of the player and their baby.

‘I’m the first to acknowledge that the wording around it may be a bit clumsy,’ he said.

But he said it is based on medical advice and won’t be taken out.

He said some reports on the clause had been ‘sensationalised’.

Only one player has ever been or become pregnant during negotiations, later opting to stand down from playing.

CA paid out her contract.

Sutherland dismissed the suggestion that CA would ask a player if she plans to become pregnant as ‘ridiculous’. 

In a wide-ranging interview, Sutherland also said: 

  • Test selection will be prioritised over limited-overs cricket
  • Steve Smith should be given credit for stepping up as captain at a young age
  • Playing an Ashes Test as a day/nighter

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