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Cricketers’ Association ‘disappointed’ with postponed talks

The three major sporting codes in Australia are all currently in the middle of a pay dispute.

AFL, Cricket and NRL administrators are all working behind closed doors to satisfy the players, clubs and the league itself in their own pay negotiations.

Cricket Australia today postponed talks with the Australian Cricketers’ Association, which ACA chief Alistair Nicholson has labelled at ‘disappointing’.

Speaking on 3AW’s Sports Today program, Nicholson outlined why he believes the revenue model works well for all parties involved.

‘It’s been a model for 20 years, we want the female players in that model,’ he said.

‘The mentality of partnership of players growing the game and we all benefit and that is something that has really helped cricket.’

Nicholson says the model should remain the way it is.

‘That’s how it’s worked in the past and we think it will work in the future.’

Cricket Australia CEO will be on tomorrow night’s Sports Today program from 6pm.

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