Crime problem will get worse before it gets better, says Graham Ashton

Australia’s crime problem will get worse before it gets better, says Victoria’s Police Commissioner.

Graham Ashton was responding to the latest crime figures, which detailed an 8.1 per cent increase, on 3AW Mornings.

He said the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ generation was starting to manifest itself, with major spikes in aggravated burglaries and car thefts.

‘There’s a real trend around wanting to steal cars,’ Mr Ashton told Neil Mitchell.

‘That’s not just a Victorian issue, there seems to be a lot of disengagement with our youth across the country.’


  • 8.1 increase in overall crime.
  • 40% increase in tool theft.
  • 22% increase in theft from cars.
  • 18% increase in number plate theft.
  • 17% increase in drug dealing offences.
  • 16% increase in drug use.
  • 17% increase in weapons offences.
  • 4% increase in assaults.
  • 9% increase in burglaries.

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