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Crime statistics show Victoria’s crime rate has increased eight per cent

Victoria’s crime rate has jumped eight per cent.

There’s also been a 51 per cent increase in justice procedures, including bail breaches.

Other key statistics:

  • Number of offences up 10.2 per cent for 2016 compared to 2015
  • Robbery offences have increased 24 per cent
  • Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people up 22 per cent
  • Theft offences have increased 15.9 per cent

Melbourne’s crime rate has increased five per cent.

There were 40,605 extra victims of crime across the state over the past year – a 13.6 per cent increase.

But Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp assured Victorians there had been a turn in the wheel and the next round of statistics would show a considerable drop.

‘We are seeing some really, really positive signs and I’m sure we’ll see that in the next quarter,’ he explained.

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