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CrownBet chief Matthew Tripp warns against blanket ban on gambling advertising

One of Australia’s leading corporate bookmakers has called for calm after it was revealed punters lost almost $23 billion last year.

The new figures have led to calls for tighter restrictions on advertising and the availability of online betting.

Poker machines are still undoubtedly Australia’s biggest money-guzzlers, but a 30 per cent spike in sports betting has also been highlighted as a concern.

CrownBet chief Matthew Tripp told Neil Mitchell he was in favour of tighter restrictions, but warned a blanket ban on advertising would cause more harm than good.

‘We need to a little bit careful what we wish for,’ Mr Tripp explained on 3AW Mornings.

‘I think a blanket ban is fraught with danger.

‘We’ve worked so hard to make sure that we are operators in a heavily regulated market here in Australia.

‘If advertising is banned altogether ? only one thing will happen ? it’ll force a lot of these gambling dollars back offshore into an unregulated environment.’

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3AW Mornings caller Eddie told Neil Mitchell his 18-year-old son had started showing an interest in sports betting.

He said problem gambling shaped as a big issue in future.

‘You worry about the drugs and all that – but this will be the next big thing, for sure,’ he said.

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