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Cull of native Noisy Miner bird has begun in Victoria and New South Wales

A cull of the native Noisy Miner bird has begun in the VIC/NSW border area.

Many would like to see the common Noisy Miner eradicated.

Tom Elliott spoke with Associate Professor Martine Maron, from the University of Queensland.

Noisy Miners are often confused with the Indian Miner, when really they are different types of birds. 

‘It’s an interesting situation, they are both called miners but they are not related at all.’

‘Native noisy minors? they are absolute bullies.’

Tom asked Martine how many we need to cull to make a difference.

‘You can make a difference over 10 – 20 hectares by taking out a few dozen birds.’ ? She told 3AW Drive.

The birds are often culled with shotguns, Professor Maron says it’s the quickest and most humane way.

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