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Cultural giant gone: Ross and John recall the impact of Clive James

Australian author, critic and broadcaster Clive James has died at the age of 80.

One of Australia’s greatest exports, James lived and worked in the United Kingdom since the early 1960s.

He was diagnosed with cancer about 10 years ago.

In a statement released overnight, his family said James died at his Cambridge home on Sunday and a funeral was held Wednesday.

They said he died “knowing until the last moment that he had experienced more than his fair share of this ‘great, good world'”.

Friend and former editor Sameer Rahim, from the UK’s Prospect Magazine, said James was a writer of rare versatility.

“And I wonder how much of his Australian-ness, as it were, had to do with that,” he told Ross and John.

“There was kind of a refreshing sense that he came in as an outsider to the metropolis in the sixties and seventies in London.

“He took things as he saw them.

“He basically invented TV criticism and he treated the medium with respect, but he could make fun of it as well.

“He was phenomenally well-read, and knew a lot about a lot of things.”

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(Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)