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Cultural Studies lecturer tells Tom Elliott we have a class system in Australia

New research shows four distinct classes emerging in Australia.

The Real Insurance study suggests status is becoming more defined in our society, with people falling into the following categories:

  • Sloggers: senior Australians who have to keep working to support themselves
  • Gen 2.0: children or grandchildren of immigrants who have managed to improve their social/economic standing
  • Startup Stars: in-demand professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Gestaters: living at home comfortably with parents after their teenage years

Tom Elliott thinks that Australia has managed to avoid becoming a society that defines itself by class.

But Cultural Studies lecturer Anna Hickey-Moody told Tom that isn’t entirely the case.

‘I think the class system is very noticeable for those people that aren’t able to move through it,’ Dr Hickey-Moody said.

‘Throughout Australia, we have people who pride themselves on class divides.

‘Part of their investment in being upper class is not understanding the way that barriers to class mobility work.’

Dr Hickey-Moody said money isn’t the whole story, but it is a core part of accessing what you need to get ahead. 

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