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Cycling road rage victim says daughter left shaken after frightening attack

Tony Jones


The victim of a frightening road rage attack at the hands of an aggressive cyclist has told how the incident has left her 12-year-old daughter shaken.

Naomi (above, with her daughter) told Tony Jones the man “hit the car several times” before she pulled over.

“He put his fist through the window,” Naomi said.

“He was swearing his head off at me.”

Naomi’s 12-year-old daughter, a Leukemia survivor who also has Down Syndrome, was in the car at the time.

“She’s still visibly upset.

“Very shaky, very teary.

“She doesn’t like noises, she doesn’t like big crowds and when that happened it just freaked her out.”

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Naomi called for all cyclists to be registered, so police could find the man involved.


Police are hunting a lycra-clad cyclist following a scary road rage incident in the Dandenong Ranges yesterday.

The alleged victim, Naomi, was on her way to pick up her mother from hospital about 2.30pm when a cyclist — he was clearly unhappy — stopped near her car at Devils Elbow on the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.

The cyclist then reached inside the car, pulled the keys from the ignition and threw them down an embankment.

Unable to find her keys, the woman was left stranded until police arrive.

Officers later found the keys.

Police are today calling on the cyclist — who was wearing orange red and yellow lycra — to hand himself in.

Tony Jones