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Dad joke suggestions for Mike Larkan’s last Channel 10 weather report

(Mike Larkan / Instagram)

Mike Larkan leaves Channel 10 news tonight after almost 25 years of bringing us the weather.

He’s known for his dad jokes, so we asked you to submit your best bad joke suggestions for his broadcast tonight.

There were some rippers!

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Ahead of his final night on Channel 10, Mike Larkan reflected on a quarter of a century with the station.

“For the most part … it’s been a lot of fun,” he told Ross and Russel.

“It’s rare that you get to have the same job, at the same place, especially in television, and enjoy it so much!”

Mr Larkan said he hopes we’ll see him on our TV screens again soon, but in the meantime, he’s focusing on his side hustle as a wedding celebrant.

“I’m hoping another TV station picks me up,” he said.

“But yes, I’m a wedding celebrant.

“I love doing weddings … I’ll keep doing that.”

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