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Dairy farmer calls for “longer-term” help amid milk pricy levy initative

Queensland Dairy Organisation President Brian Tessmann is worried the milk pricy levy is a short-term fix to a longer-term problem.

Woolworths recently announced a 30c increase to three litre home brand milk to help drought-affected farmerss, a move Coles quickly matched earlier on Thursday morning.

But Tessmann, who works as a dairy farmer near Kingaroy in Queensland, told Neil Mitchell he anticipates farmers would need more help as the drought continues to grip the nation.

“That’s one of the concerns I’ve got at the moment,” he said.

“(the milk levy) is only for a limited time, we need help a season after it rains. It’s not just when it rains but a season after that to get fodder grown and get the prices down of grain and hay.

“We need some longer-term help, it won’t help that much at all if it’s a flash in the pan.”

Tessmann later added the milk levy was a “step in the right direction” despite his concerns.

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