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Damning crash report slams Lion Air, shows pilot never stood a chance

The preliminary report into a Lion Air plane that crashed, killing 189 people on board, has found the plane wasn’t airworthy.

The Boeing 737 plunged into the Java Sea shortly after taking off from Indonesia.

The findings suggest the airline put the plane back into service despite being aware of problems on earlier flights.

Aircraft expert Neil Hansford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, told Ross and John the captain never stood a chance.

“He fought to the end … but it just beat him in the end,” he said.

Hansford was damning of Lion Air’s role.

“If it was any airline that you and I might fly on, it would’ve be grounded, there would’ve been a complete re-work of the systems, and it just wouldn’t have flown again,” he said.

“You’ve got an airline here that in 2000 had no aircraft and in 2018 have over 300 with 500 on order.

“You have to create a safety culture … and in all the reports I’ve seen the owners of this airline (their culture was) just keep the show on the road, do what you’re told, if you don’t you’ll get sacked.”

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