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Damning report finds drug use and corrupt conduct within Ambulance Victoria

An investigation into corrupt conduct within Ambulance Victoria has found some paramedics have stolen, trafficked and abused drugs.

Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker has told Neil Mitchell the findings were “a wake up call” but was adamant no patients suffered at the hands of paramedics unfit for work.

“There’s no evidence of people being drug affected on duty,” Mr Walker said.

“We won’t tolerate anything that puts the community at risk.”

During the IBAC investigation, which started at the end of 2015, one paramedic was sacked and eight resigned.

One paramedic was found to be using illicit drugs such as cocaine and the animal sedative ketamine, also supplying them to other employees at the same branch.

Others paramedics were using saline in IV drips to treat their own hangovers.

Mr Walker said he expects random drug testing of employees going forward.

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