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Dangerous dog laws introduced following fatal mauling could soon be overturned

Controversial dangerous dog laws, introduced following the fatal mauling of four year old Ayen Chol in 2011, could soon be overturned. 

The laws force councils to seize and kill pit bulls and other restricted breeds. The findings of a review are due to be handed down this month – and are expected to call for the laws to be scrapped and replaced with stricter conditions when it comes to housing and muzzles.  


Ayen Chol was killed in 2011 after her neighbour’s dog attacked her


Tony Jones spoke to Rob Spence, the CEO of the Municipal Association of Victoria who described the current laws were ‘clunky’ and difficult for local councils to monitor dangerous dogs versus restricted breed dogs.

‘The issue has really been about identifying what a restricted dog is,’ Mr Spence said. ‘It’s a very hard issue to deal with…it’s a bit of a shemozzle honestly.’

The City of Casey alone has had forty four dog attacks since January 01 this year.

Listen as Rob Spence from the Municipal Association of Victoria speaks with Tony Jones