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Daniel Andrews announces international style platform screen doors as part of Melbourne Metro Rail project.


International style platform screen doors will be installed at all new underground stations built as part of the Melbourne Metro Rail project.

The sliding doors, which are used at train stations in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, have been revealed as the government released the 1 billion dollar tender for high capacity signalling as part of the project.

The signalling will allow more trains to run on the line and will be trialled on the South Morang line first.

Premier Daniel Andrews says the platform doors will make Melbourne Metro Rail world class.

‘It’s great for safety, climate control, for noise and again it’s about being world class,’ Premier Andrews said.

Tony Morton from the Public Transport Users Association says platform screen doors will stop people from jumping on the tracks and improve the flow of passengers.

‘The advantage of having screen doors on platforms is safety obviously, but the real advantage for public transport users is you do know where to stand to get on the train and it does really help with disembarking and boarding, which can be done in more of controlled manner,’ Mr Morton said.