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Even Dannii Minogue is guilty of embarrassing parent dancing

Dannii Minogue is hosting new reality television series ‘Dance Boss’, and she joined Darren James on air to talk all things dancing.

They kicked off the hour with a bit of air guitar.

Dannii revealed that even she is not immune from dancing like an embarrassing parent.

“I know, now that I’m a mum… my dancing has changed. I don’t know what happens, but you get a bit more self conscious,” she said.

Darren’s daughter, Alice, said he’s got some embarrassing moves of his own.

“When he was in his 20s he used to have hair like Farrah Fawcett, and when he’s on the dance floor and he’s had a couple he still thinks he has that hair, so he flicks it,” she said.

Alice also told Dannii that she’s fears for her dad’s health when he gets too enthusiastic on the dance floor.

“We went nuts. I was wearing a pedometer and we did like 20,000 steps… I thought dad actually was about to have a heart attack,” she said.

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