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Darebin City Council to stage “Carols against Coal” performance this Christmas

The City of Darebin’s annual Christmas Carols will this year include a “carols against coal” performance, where choristers will sing traditional carol melodies with “new safe climate lyrics”.

First heard on The Rumour File, the council has since confirmed the tip to 3AW Drive.

“Come along and sing out loud for strong action on the climate emergency and the restoration of a safe climate!” The Darebin Arts website reads.

It’s safe to say, Tom Elliott thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous.

“The world is going mad,” he said.

“I find this bizarre, to take old-fashioned Christian religious carols and re-fit the lyrics to talk about the evils of coal and the wonder of solar power is just bizarre.”

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The performance will be by the Harmony for Humanity Choir, who Darebin say have planned their own performance, without any council input.