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Daryl Braithwaite on how his music became popular with younger generations

Daryl Braithwaite joined Darren James on air for an hour on Sunday morning, and a few gems came out of their conversation.

Daryl has found great success among audiences who weren’t even born when hit song ‘Horses’ was released, and Darren’s daughter is one of those young fans.

“Our daughter, who is now 25, had a poster of you in her bedroom, and I’m saying ‘Alice, he’s older than your dad. What’s going on here?” Darren said.

“But it’s not only her, there’s whole generation of young people… that have embraced you and just love you.”

Daryl said he’d had a discussion about his success among youth with Rickie Lee Jones, who wrote 1990 hit ‘Horses’, but neither of them could pinpoint why the song appealed to younger generations.

“I think there’s a couple of things that come into play. I think if you’ve got enthusiasm and passion for what you do that can at least put you in the ballpark to attract another audience…I think with ‘Horses’, well it came out in 1991, but I think there was a turning point for it about ten, maybe twelve, years ago”, Daryl said.

Daryl also attributed a change in his on stage persona as a possible factor behind his success with youth.

“My son gave me a DVD of Green Day…I actually watched the video back in 2005, and I thought ‘I want to be like Billy Joe’, who is the lead singer. He’s really aggressive with audiences and people and I thought…I had nothing to lose…So I incorporated a bit of his attitude.”

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