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Daryl Braithwaite’s new song was originally intended for Pink

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Australian musician Daryl Braithwaite has released a new song, which he pinched from pop artist Pink!

Daryl was given the single, Love Songs, to pass on to Roger Davies, Pink’s manager, but when he heard it, he couldn’t resist it.

“I had a listen to it and I thought ‘My god, what a good song that is!’,” he told Ross and John.

“I sent it off, three months had gone by and in that time I thought that it was such a good song that we’d start playing it in my band.”

By happy coincidence, the song never made its way to Pink.

When her manager finally heard the song, he agreed it was a better fit for Daryl.

“He listened to it and said, ‘No no, it probably suits you more than it does Pink’,” Daryl Braithwaite said.

“I’ve got a feeling that roger maybe didn’t play it to her!”

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Image (Pink): Mauricio Santana / Getty

Listen to the song