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David Galbally tells Neil Mitchell why he’s happy to help 100-year-old Norm

David Galbally QC has slammed the Moonee Valley Council as ‘out of touch’ for forcing a 100-year-old to appear in court to overturn a traffic fine.

Centenarian Norm Bravo told 3AW on Monday he had one of four wrongly-issued fines overturned, and Mr Galbally has offered to help Norm avoid the others without having to go to court.

‘Councils, unfortunately, just follow a process,’ Mr Galbally told Neil Mitchell on Tuesday.

‘They’re revenue-raisers and they don’t listen.

‘This should never have got to the stage it’s got to. It’s appalling.’

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On Monday, Norm celebrated with a beer after successfully overturning one of the fines in the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court.

He said he messed up the registration when he sold his car, and has since received four infringements despite not being behind the wheel.

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