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Dean Jones responds to caller criticism

After a frustrating second day of rain during the Boxing Day Test, Dean Jones has suggested that wickets should remain uncovered during a match.

Speaking on the 3AW Sports Today program, Jones said the extra variable of the rain impacting the wicket could be interesting for the fans.

However one caller to the program, Rod, wasn’t in favour of Jones’ comments and labelled the former Australian batsman as being an ‘average protector’.

‘I can’t imagine him ever wanting to go out and bat on a wet wicket,’ Rod said.

In response to the call, Jones reiterated his point that perhaps the bowlers deserve more access to the weapon that the elements can provide.

‘These guys of today have never played on an uncovered pitch,’ Jones said.

‘The batsman have got everything going their way ever since the year 2000.’

‘We should be able to give something back to the bowlers and help the pitch wear naturally.’

Jones said his reputation and credibility stacks up with his opinion.

‘I played in an area of the ugliest, fastest bowlers who ever graced this Earth… Don’t question my courage, champ.’

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