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Death of Rational Thought (DORT): The MP apology that didn’t need to happen

Ross and John are calling it DORT: Death Of Rational Thought.

They also workshopped THOFO: Temporary Home Of Fake Outrage.

Whatever the name, they say it hit Nationals MP Bridget McKenzie over the weekend after she posed in the below photo at the National Obesity Summit at the weekend.

The photo, which was shared often on social media without context, showed Ms McKenzie puffing her cheeking and holding her stomach next to a National Obesity Summit sign.

She was savaged on social media for fat-shaming and mocking obese, prompting her to later issue an official statement to apologise.

“The issue of obesity is a matter I take very seriously and would never triavisie [sic] it or to add in any way to stigmatisation,” she also tweeted.

“I sincerely apologise for this very unfortunate photo taken as I demonstrated how my stomach felt after scrambled eggs reacted (with) yogurt I had just eaten.”

Ross and John don’t reckon an apology is necessary.

Other recent examples of DORT:

  • Mary Poppins accused of being a black-face racist for applying soot to her face
  • Scarlett Johansson quitting an acting role because of backlash against her for playing a transgender person

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