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Debate over handling of drug dealing allegations at Melbourne Girls College

Questions have been raised over the handling of allegations of drug dealing at Melbourne Girls College.

Police are investigating after reports of two Year 7 students who were allegedly caught selling marijuana on school grounds.

The school says it was an isolated incident involving a small number of students, who won’t face suspension or expulsion. Instead they will be counselled and supported as the investigation continues.

The state opposition has questioned why the students hadn’t been disciplined.

Shadow Education Minister Tim Smith told Neil Mitchell it was important to protect other students from “drug pushing”.

“There needs to be a message sent that this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable and indeed criminal,” he said.

“If they are found to be found pushing drugs, to protect all of the other kids I’d expel them.

“It’s a criminal offence and needs to be treated as such.”

But Fiona Patten, Upper House MP for the Reason Party, defended the school’s handling of the incident and said expulsion wasn’t the answer.

She told Neil Mitchell it was imperative the students were allowed to stay at the school.

“I’d be looking at community service for these kids and let’s get them to do something give back to their community, give back to their school,” she said.

“I’m not sure more laws are going to fix this.”