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Dee Dee defends builders sacked on The Block

Dee Dee has jumped to the defence of the builders sacked on last night’s episode of The Block. 

There were tears and tantrums in the show, which culminated in Whitney and Andy firing their building team. 

‘I suspect the hand of Channel Nine in this protecting their investment is the reason why,’ Dee Dee told Neil Mitchell. 

She said the couple had clashed with the chippies a number of times, but the building company In Grain Design was well established and professional.

‘This comes down to casting.’

‘These are two – I’m going to call them kids. They’re in their twenties. They have got no experience. They have no clue.

‘So the builder ended up having to do the bulk of what was being decided to be done in the apartment.’

‘I think sometimes these couples turn up thinking they are just going to have to place a pot plant here and a bedspread here and the job’s done.’

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