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Dee Dee has solved a 77 year old mystery (with some help from you)!

Dee Dee’s husband, who is a tradesman, recently came across a message written on a wall in a Hawthorn house.

The message was left there by a tradesman 77 years ago.

“Papered by H.W. Baker. April 11th, 1943” the message reads.

A friend of Dee Dee’s who has a hobby of researching family history helped begin the search for HW Baker’s family.

She discovered the signature could be that of Harry William Baker, a Hawthorn decorator who died in 1948.

Some amateur sleuthing and help from you led the Afternoons team to the great-grandchild of HW Baker.

Her name is Ann Moorhouse.

Ann joined Dee Dee on the program to confirm she is related to the mystery man!

He was her great-grandfather on her mother’s side.

“He was a painter,” she said.

“His father also was a Harry William Baker.

“He had five children.”

But the story did not end there, as the Afternoons presenter had one more surprise for Ann.

Dee Dee’s husband received permission to remove the piece of plaster from the wall and have the slice of time framed for Ann and her family!

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