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Defining the decade: Neil Mitchell and Bernard Salt look back (and forward)

The ’60s could be defined by counter culture.

The ’80s could be defined by floating the dollar.

So as we head into another decade (yes, yes… we know that offends some of you but we’re calling it the ’20s, OK) Neil Mitchell enlisted the help of Australia’s most prominent demographer to help define the past two years.

Neil Mitchell suggested it was the decade that killed trust, and Bernard Salt agreed.

“One thing I do think has changed in the 2010 … is the diminution or loss of faith and trust in institutions of Australia,” he said.

“We’re much more cynical, much more skeptical, much more critical.”

He said the church (child abuse revelations), politics (Australia’s prime minister merry-go-round) and business (royal commission into banking) were the three keys areas from which trust evaporated.

So what next?

“I’m a positivist,” Salt went on.

“I think that maybe the 2020s will be an era of rebuilding trust, rebuilding faith, (and) that at our core we want society to work.

“We want to place our faith the institutions and administrators of society.

“We’re seeing a new generation elbowing in and making their mark.”

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