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Denis Walter says the partnership between BWS and Dry July ‘just seems wrong’

Dry July and alcohol chain BWS have paired up in a move which Denis Walter says “seems wrong”.

The 3AW Afternoons host condemned the partnership between the Woolworths-owned alcohol chain and the cancer fundraising charity.

“It’s like the odd couple,” he said.

“Dry July is such an important month.

“It feels awkward to have the two together.”

Michael Thorn, Chief Executive of The Foundation for Alcohol Research Education, said the partnership is disappointing.

“It’s really poor that BWS has been allowed to associate its brand with the good cause that Dry July is,” he told Denis Walter.

Mr Thorn said the partnership is in poor taste because of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.

“Alcohol is cancer causing. It’s responsible for about 5 per cent of all cancers,” he said.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research Education has asked Dry July to end the partnership.

“We’ve talked to cancer organisations to ask them to speak to Dry July about terminating this relationship,” Mr Thorn said.

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