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Denis Walter speaks to Underbelly star Aaron Jeffrey

Ahead of the premiere of the newest Underbelly mini-series, in just 10 days time, star Aaron Jeffrey sat down with Denis Walter to discuss his portrayal of Chopper Read.

The Logie-award winner actor told Denis Walter the character, with its two sides of Chopper and Mark Read was really quite complex.

“It’s deeply steeped in the Australian psyche and we’re fascinated by it, it’s like a modern day Ned Kelly,” he said.

“I think people are really going to enjoy the mix that we’ve got, there’s a lot of dark comedy.”

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The series also sees stars return to the Underbelly franchise; Debra Byrne as Judy Moran, Vince Colosimo as Alphonse Gangitano and Kevin Harrington as Lewis Moran.

The first episode airs on February 11.